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TP - Assessee's explanations in respect of any amount cannot be discarded, without recording of findings that assessee has any other source of income & which hitherto has not been declared: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - Entity engaged in diversified activities and having incurred significant R&D expenditure and owning intangible assets, cannot be compared to pure ITES provider: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - Entity deriving income from trading activity and also maintaining inventories cannot be considered as good comparable to marketing support service provider: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') I-T - Provisions of Section 206AA are applicable to recipient of income who is covered by DTAA between India and home country of such recipient: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - Expat support reimbursement cannot be treated as duplicative in nature, if taxpayer has earned income from its customers at cost plus markup after including cost of such services: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - It is fit case for remand where MAP resolution is passed much after assessment order being passed by AO: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') Review of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Policy in Defence Sector (See 'Bulletin Bord') TP - Functional dissimilarity and ownership over huge intangibles calls for exclusion of comparable: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - RPM cannot be applied for bechmarking international transactions between two AEs, if there are broad differences in functions performed and gross margins earned: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - Final assessment and transfer pricing order along with levy of penalty, passed by AO in garb of draft assessment without complying with mandate of Sec 144C, is invalid: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - High Court's writ jurisdiction cannot be invoked where assessee does not make strong case for waiver of efficacious alternate remedy of appeal: HC (See 'Breaking News') GST - Breezily e-invoicing amidst COVID-19 - Voicing concerns crawling lately! (See 'The Cob(Web)' Column) TP - Merchant banker cannot be compared to entities engaged in providing non-binding investment advisory services, for purposes of benchmarking: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - Where CUP method has consistently been applied in assessee's case over years for benchmarking purposes, adoption of TNMM in current AY is not sustainable: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - Order making TP adjustment is unsustainable where assessee is not given proper opportunity to file reply to Show Cause Notice & order is passed without TPO giving sufficient thought to assessee's replies: HC (See 'Breaking News') TP - Excessive AMP expenditure of taxpayer cannot be treated as international transactions u/s 92B by merely applying BLT method, if such expenses are duly disclosed in Form 3CEB: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') I-T - Payments for acquiring off-shelf software would be in nature of business profits in hands of non-resident if it does not have PE in India: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - Any action u/s 263 can be taken on account of infringement of an omitted provision, particularly when same is not protected by any saving clause: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - An ITE service provider and KPO service provider can be compared for purposes of ALP determination: ITAT (See 'Breaking News')
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Review of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Policy in Defence Sector
Income-tax (20th Amendment) Rules, 2020
Exchange of information - CBDT notifies authorities for sharing data with FIU u/s 138
Filling up vacancies at the level of Director/Deputy Secretary in Foreign Tax & Tax Research (FT&TR) Division, CBDT, Department of Revenue
Govt amends Passport Rules 1980; Fee can be paid online or in cash at counter
Income tax - Sec 9A - Rule 10V - Sub-rule (10) & forms notified in relation to remuneration paid by Funds to fund managers
Calling for applications for posting of IRS officers to the post of First Secretary in the Income-Tax Overseas Unit (ITOU) at Indian Missions in Singapore, Japan, UK, USA, Net
TP - Rule 10 - CBDT notifies amendments w.e.f April 1, 2020
Clarification in respect of residency under section 6 of the Income-tax Act, 1961
CBDT substitutes Rule 44G & prescribes Form 34F for application to Competent Authority in case of grievance against decisions of foreign tax authorities
CBDT suspends compliance with Clause 30C & Clause 44 of Tax Audit Report till Mar 31, 2021
India notifies Protocol to amend India-Austria DTAA; Art 26 supplanted by new Article relating to exchange of information
Investment by FPI in Government Securities: MTF
Risk Management and Inter-bank Dealings - Hedging of foreign exchange risk
'Fully Accessible Route' for Investment by Non-residents in Government Securities
Investment by Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI): Investment limits
Govt inks agreement with Brunei Darussalam for exchange of information & assistance in collection of taxes
Exim Bank's Government of India supported Line of Credit of USD 11.13 million to the Government of the Republic of Suriname
Concessional corporate tax rate for domestic companies - CBDT notifies new FORMs 10-IC & 10-ID for exercising option
'Voluntary Retention Route' (VRR) for Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) investment in debt
Investment by Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI) in Debt
Application inviting for the post of Under Secretary in FT & TR Divison of CBDT
Sec 92D - CBDT amends Rule 10DA w.e.f April 1, 2020
Proforma promotion granted to two officers
CBDT posts four officers as DS in FT&TR divison of Board
Requests for Exchange of Information from field offices for time barring assessment cases
CBDT amends Protocol between India- Morocco
Sharing of tax information received under DTAA - CBDT reiterates no sharing with CBI & others unless permission taken from tax jurisdiction sending info
GAAR - CBDT amends Rule 10UC in relation to application to be made in Form 3CEIA to approving panel
CBDT notifies e-assessment scheme under Sec 143(3A)
CBDT notifies 289 as Cost Inflation Index for FY 2019-20
Modification in the new system of approval in respect of application under section 197 of Income Tax Act
Applications invited for posts of Director / DS in FT&TR in CBDT
CBDT clarifies on treatment of farm-in expenditure of E&P Companies
BEPS - India notifies MLI as per agreement signed in Paris
IFSC promotion - CBDT exempts a class of persons from filing return u/s 139(1)
Protocol amending India-China DTAA comes into force from June 5, 2019; Articles 5, 7, 11, 23, 26 & 27 substituted
Foreign Exchange Management (Deposit)(Amendment) Regulations, 2019
EoI pact between India & Marshall Islands notified
CBDT issues clarification regarding definition of 'Fund Manager' under Section 9A(4)(b)
Tax Audit - Clauses 30C & 44 relating to GAAR & GST - CBDT further defers suspension till March 31, 2020
Govt gives effect to Indo-US agreement for sharing CbC reports
Vacancy at the level of DCIT (OSD) and Under Secretary in Foreign Tax & Tax Research Division of CBDT
Exim Bank's Govt of India supported Line of Credit of USD 66.60 million to the Govt of the Republic of Rwanda
Exim Bank's Govt of India supported Line of Credit of USD 100 million to the Govt of the Republic of Rwanda
Exim Bank's Govt of India supported Line of Credit of USD 100 million to the Govt of the Republic of Rwanda
Foreign Exchange Management (Deposit) Regulations, 2016 - Opening of NRO Accounts by Long Term Visa (LTV) holders, changes related to Special Non-Resident Rupee (SNRR) Account
No RBI permission needed for BO, LO or PO if Govt has approved projects in Defence, Telecom & I&B Sectors
Non-resident Participation in Rupee Interest Rate Derivatives Markets (Reserve Bank) Directions, 2019
Investment by Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI) in Government Securities Medium Term Framework
Compilation of R-Returns: Reporting under FETERS
Export and Import of Indian Currency
RBI issues fresh instruction on BO, LO, PO or any other place of business in India by foreign entities
Govt amends FEMA regulations for currency import & export; permits carrying cash upto Rs 25000/- from India to Nepal & Bhutan
Investment by Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI) in Debt
CBDT reduces period of furnishing report by Indian constituent of international group belonging to a jurisdiction with which India has no agreement for exchange of report
External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) Policy - Review of Hedging Provision
Templates of Rulings received from other jurisdictions under BEPS Action 5-reg
Exim Bank's Government of India supported Line of Credit of USD 3.5 million to the Government of the Republic of Suriname
Exim Bank's Government of India supported Line of Credit of USD 27.5 million to the Government of the Republic of Suriname
Exim Bank's Government of India supported Line of Credit of USD 2.5 million to the Government of Madagascar
CBDT invited applications for Under Secretaries in APA section
Foreign Exchange Management (Deposit) (Amendment) Regulations, 2018
ECB Policy - Review of Minimum Average Maturity and Hedging Provisions
FATCA - CBDT specifies 87 tax jurisdictions for purpose of passive non-financial entity
CBDT - Specification of section 285BA
Appeal Form for DRP substituted
CBDT amends Rules to notify new Form 36 for filing appeal to ITAT
FEMA - Govt notifies fresh monetary limits for adjudicators
India-Portugal DTAA - New Article 26 inserted relating to exchange of information
CBDT puts in abeyance controversial clauses relating to GAAR & GST
CBDT amends Form 3CD seeking details of GST-related entities
Exim Bank & LIC receive exemption from interest income pursuant to DTAA between India & Qatar
CBDT prescribes registration form for Non-resident applicants
POEM - CBDT clarifies on computation of income, treatment of unabsorbed depreciation, set off or carry forward of losses & more
Amendment in Rule 10CB of Income-tax Rules, 1962 in respect of computation of interest income pursuant to secondary adjustment made under section 92CE of Income-tax Act, 1961
Investment by Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI) in Debt - Review
CBDT amends Protocol between India-Kuwait
CBDT amends Protocol between India-Kazakhstan
Risk Management and Inter-bank Dealings: Revised guidelines relating to participation of a person resident in India and Foreign Portfolio Investor (FPI) in the Exchange Traded
CBDT notifies India-Kenya DTAA
Calling for applications for posting at Under Secretary Level in Foreign Tax & Tax Research Division of CBDT
Calling for applications for posting at Under Secretary Level in Foreign Tax & Tax Research Division of CBDT
Govt notifies India-Brazil Protocol
CBDT Request for Exchange of Information from Field Officers in the time barring cases
Foreign Exchange Management (Transfer or Issue of any Foreign Security) (Amendment) Regulations, 2017
Govt notifies detailed amendments in FEMA Regulations for transfer of shares by a non-resident
Clarification on Indirect Transfer provisions in case of redemption of share or interest outside India under the lncome-tax Act, 1961
Vacancy at the level of Under Secretary in Foreign Tax & Tax Research Division of CBDT
International Transactions - CBDT amends Rule 10D to prescribe guidelines for keeping detailed information and documents & furnishing of Report + notifies new Form 3CEAA for M
CBDT notifies India-Slovenia Protocol
Order under section 119 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 ('the Act')
Clarification related to guidelines for establishing 'Place of Effective Management' (PoEM) in India-reg
CBDT notifies India-Vietnam Protocol
Transfer Pricing - CBDT inserts new columns in Form No 3CEFA relating to employee cost in relation to operating expenses + currency of denomination of loan amount for each tra
CBDT notifies method to determine FMV of unquoted equity shares
CBDT notifies Rule 10CB relating to time limit for repatriation of excess money u/s 92CE
ALP margin - CBDT notifies 1% for wholesale and 3% for other cases
CBDT creates 13 posts of CIT (DR) & (DRP) by diverting posts of CIT(A)
CBDT issues clarification with respect to seafarer receiving remuneration in NRE account
Protocol amending India-Singapore DTAA notified
Guidelines for waiver of interest charged under section 201(1A) (i) of the Income-tax Act, 1961
Govt approves nine (9) FDI proposals involving FDI of Rs. 659 crore
Risk Management and Inter-bank Dealings: Operational flexibility for Indian subsidiaries of Non-resident Companies
Finance Bill 2017 as Passed by Lok Sabha on 22nd March, 2017
CBDT invites applications for Director / DS in FT & TR division
Clarification for determination of Place of Effective Management (POEM) of a company, other than an Indian company-reg
Govt notifies all provisions of protocol amending India Israel DTAA
Clarifications on implementation on GAAR provisions under Income Tax Act, 1961
Guiding Principles for determination of Place of Effective Management (POEM) of a Company
Exchange facility to foreign citizens
CBDT notifies India-Cyprus Protocol
India-Sweden DTAA - Collection of taxes to remain suspended during MAP
Purchase and sale of securities other than shares or convertible debentures of an Indian company by a person resident outside India
Rule 114F - Reitrement or pension funds - CBDT substitutes certain clauses to clarify certain doubts
Corrigendum to Notification No 114/2016, Dated 14.12.2016
Cyprus is no longer notified uncooperative Tax Jurisdiction
Foreign Exchange Management (Transfer or Issue of Security by a Person Resident outside India) (Eighteenth Amendment) Regulations, 2016
Govt notifies rule to amend PML(A) Rules, 2005
Rule 8AA of I-T Rules, 1962 amended - sub rule (3) relating to immoveable property added
Exim Bank's GoI Supported Line Of Credit Of USD 87.00 Million To The Government Of The Republic Of Zimbabwe
India-Seychelles Sign EoI Agreement
India Notifies DTAA With Maldives Only For Income Deried From International Airport Transport
Streamlining The Process Of No Objection Certificate (NOC), Port Clearance Certificate (PCC), Voyage Return And Voyage Assessment In The Case Of Foreign Shipping Companies (FS
Format of reporting under Chapter-IX 'Exchange of Information under Tax Treaties' of Central Action Plan 2016-17
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