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DTAA - Standard facility provided by testing laboratory by using highly sophisticated equipment, is not taxable in India as 'FTS', if no human intervention was involved in it: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - Tribunal cannot remand matter to TPO when the case has been argued at length and views of TPO & DRP were already available to Tribunal: HC (See 'Breaking News') TP - Mere reference about functional dissimilarity without specifically pointing out same in assessee's own function vis a vis comparable, is no basis to resile from previously selected comparables: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - Idle resources and cost of vacant spaces, are required to be excluded for purpose of arriving at PLI of transactions with AE: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - When assessee's activity of export of software has been found to eligible for deduction u/s 10A same is to be followed for subsequent years: HC (See 'Breaking News') GST Rate Fixation - A Death Knell for Corporate Lobbying? ('See THE COB(WEB)' in TIOL) I-T - Previous order of Tribunal for pre-deposit to be vacated if AO has adjusted a refund after processing assessee's returns for AYs in question: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') I-T - Case to be remanded when issue is covered in assessee's own case of previous in which loss due to fluctuations in forex was allowed as revenue loss: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - Matter remanded to Tribunal can be further remanded to TPO on request made by assessee & Revenue when such matter requires in-depth analysis: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - Berry ratio is MAM when assessee in not just a trader and materials have been purchased partly from its AE & partly from independent enterprises: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') Turn protectionism into launch pad for new world trade order (See 'TII Special') TP - When Tribunal has formed a view for adjustment on account of corporate guarantee extended to AE then same view is to be followed for subsequent years in similar circumstances: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - Custom duty adjustment can be made when high import component is part of assessee's business model & company has been in operation for only 4 months: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') I-T- Income to be taxed u/s 44BB if identical issue was already decided in assessee's appeal for a previous AY: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - Only 'international transaction' has to be compared with uncontrolled transaction and not entire transaction undertaken by entity as a whole: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') TP - No captive service provider can be compared to giant companies which assumes all risks & have super normal profits: ITAT (See 'Breaking News') Two more APAs signed; One with rollback provision (See 'TII Brief') TP - Passing of final assessment order without first passing draft assessment order u/s 144C(1) renders final assessment order as invalid: HC (See 'Breaking News') I-T - Reopening of assessment without any fresh material is not valid: HC (See 'Breaking News') Tax treaty interpretation - Perspectives from some Asian Countries (See 'TII EDIT')
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CBDT creates 13 posts of CIT (DR) & (DRP) by diverting posts of CIT(A)
CBDT issues clarification with respect to seafarer receiving remuneration in NRE account
Protocol amending India-Singapore DTAA notified
Guidelines for waiver of interest charged under section 201(1A) (i) of the Income-tax Act, 1961
Govt approves nine (9) FDI proposals involving FDI of Rs. 659 crore
Risk Management and Inter-bank Dealings: Operational flexibility for Indian subsidiaries of Non-resident Companies
Finance Bill 2017 as Passed by Lok Sabha on 22nd March, 2017
CBDT invites applications for Director / DS in FT & TR division
Clarification for determination of Place of Effective Management (POEM) of a company, other than an Indian company-reg
Govt notifies all provisions of protocol amending India Israel DTAA
Clarifications on implementation on GAAR provisions under Income Tax Act, 1961
Guiding Principles for determination of Place of Effective Management (POEM) of a Company
Exchange facility to foreign citizens
CBDT notifies India-Cyprus Protocol
India-Sweden DTAA - Collection of taxes to remain suspended during MAP
Purchase and sale of securities other than shares or convertible debentures of an Indian company by a person resident outside India
Rule 114F - Reitrement or pension funds - CBDT substitutes certain clauses to clarify certain doubts
Corrigendum to Notification No 114/2016, Dated 14.12.2016
Cyprus is no longer notified uncooperative Tax Jurisdiction
Foreign Exchange Management (Transfer or Issue of Security by a Person Resident outside India) (Eighteenth Amendment) Regulations, 2016
Govt notifies rule to amend PML(A) Rules, 2005
Rule 8AA of I-T Rules, 1962 amended - sub rule (3) relating to immoveable property added
Exim Bank's GoI Supported Line Of Credit Of USD 87.00 Million To The Government Of The Republic Of Zimbabwe
India-Seychelles Sign EoI Agreement
India Notifies DTAA With Maldives Only For Income Deried From International Airport Transport
Streamlining The Process Of No Objection Certificate (NOC), Port Clearance Certificate (PCC), Voyage Return And Voyage Assessment In The Case Of Foreign Shipping Companies (FS
Format of reporting under Chapter-IX 'Exchange of Information under Tax Treaties' of Central Action Plan 2016-17
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